Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Loves !

So I’ve been hearing and reading about the Maybelline falsies mascara  hype from youtube and bloggers several months ago and now just recently decided to check it out.. (to be totally honest I haven’t been caring for/about make up products ever since the beginning of my summer courses back in June.) Anywho, prior to this mascara I’ve been using the Cover Girl’s Lash Blast. This (mascara CV lash blast) step was definitely not a ‘must do’ in my daily routine, it isn’t able to hold my Asian eye lashes up! But when I discovered the Maybelline it’s like amazing!!! It doesn’t flake, it holds my lashes, and increases length! It’s so great that it changed my mind about mascaras & actually felt the need for it lol.
Next, sweater dresses & scarves ohhhemgeee!!! I went shopping just this past weekend at Fairview mall and picked up some sweater dresses from urban planet. Personally, I am not a huge fan of urban planet’s quality... It’s somewhat similar or lower compared to forever 21. But I looked everywhere for affordable cute sweater dresses and urban planet just happened to be the place!! (Side note: H&M was awfully expensive $30~40 + little selection, F21 little selection + everything is so disorganized it just makes me want to leave the store :P) In addition to all that ..I don’t really know how to maintain my knit clothing therefore, after the season is over it’s pretty much all the wear I’m going to get out of it.
On to SCARVES! I splurged on a scarf from the store Dynamite it is a white & black patterned, with fringes on the ends. It rang up to $24 (The most I’ve spent on a scarf). For this season I’ve been looking for colorful scarves to spice up my outfits during the cold weather that aren’t short or small so I could recreate the bulky look. I’ve also picked up a scarf from Springs that is a knit material with ruffle detail super cute, can’t wait to show you guys in a future outfit of the day! 
 Me & Mini Me, trick-or-treating featuring the scarf from dynamite mentioned above. (It goes so well with the black leather jacket!)

Cheers, deborah