Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mini Haul

So I was at Pacific mall yesterday and I picked up some nail polishes from Phoenix Beauty Lounge where they had this deal buy 5 nail polishes get 25% off. I picked up 4 for myself and one for my friend which is not shown in the haul :P. The essie nail polishes were $7.99 and OPI $9.99 (before the discount). These colors remind me summer!! If you guys have any other summer must have polishes drop them in the comments below.

And a bag of Japanese fruit gummys for my sweet tooth :D

Cheers deborah

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You get what you've paid for.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing for an inexpensive trendy bag that I could carry around for the summer time. So I stumbled upon this website called:, they sell things like clothes, bags, accessories and other miscellaneous. Their prices are fantastic, most items were around $5. To me thats a bit sketchy.. so I read some reviews and they were usually 50/50. Regardless of what people had said I placed an order, and was really disappointed. 
1. You are not receiving what is being advertised. For example: (LEFT: what was being advertised, RIGHT: what I received) 

2. Very very low quality. (Buttons are falling off, things are ripped.)
3. Shipping would either take to long (3months minimum) or very expensive (at least $40. I've paid $80 for my package)
4. Slow update on website. (After placing the order I received emails notifying me that some items are out of stock and I would be receiving a credit on their website, which then really upset me because I didn't want to pay more shipping so I had to ask customer service to refund my money WASTE OF TIME & definitely a language barrier) 
5. Their one size fit all clothing can range from XXS to XXL. 
Despite all my rage towards this website there is ONE item that I really like which was a belt. But it can't justify spending so much money and time. 
If any of my readers have any online websites they really love please recommend them to me, I love online shopping & haven't given up all hopes yet.
Cheers, Deborah 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HAUL:Buffalo Trip & Cherry Culture :)

This post is long over due, here is my mini purchase from my buffalo trip! 
Ann Taylor $12 Each. (This was on their clearance which was 50% off already marked down items)
The first shirt is a long loose shirt that can be button up to a 3/4 sleeve shirt. The grey shirt on the right has a sewed on brooch. It's very fitting I thought this would a semi formal nice to tuck into a skirt or something :) 

 Ann Taylor $19 (Again this was on clearance! Would never have bought it for $40bucks!) I bought this thinking it would be something formal again to tuck into a skirt for the summer time there's cute pearl beads in the middle ruffles which I thought was a nice extra touch.
Forever 21 Cardigan $19.80 , Forever 21 Cold shoulder tee $14.80
The cardigan has cute buttons that look like its from a school uniform, it has nice bold stripes I thought it would be good to throw over when it gets chilly or just to wear in the fall. 
Cold shoulder tee on. Simple and laid back for one of those lazy summer days.
$4.80 ELEPHANTS!!!
$40 LOVE THISSSS!!! When I went back to Canada I saw these at Steve Madden for $139!!! and they were exactly the same but in black. The one at Charlotte Russe also comes in black and suede.

Cherry Culture
 I purchased this when they were having the NYX 50% off. LOVED everything that came not so much the freebie lip balm but it was free so whatever :P

 NYX cream blushes :) Very super pigmented a little goes a LONG way this is what they look like blended out a bit. No glitter, nice sheen, very dewy looking. 

NYX powder blush Natural :  I think this has become my favourite blush of all time. Looks really good over NYX cream blush in Glow or my lioele blush in 01.
Milanai Mai-Tai: I don't own a orangey coral blush so this is such a change really like this as well
NYX powder blush Terra Cotta: Not the biggest fan of this actually quite shimmery but it goes well with NYX cream blush in Tea rose. Bronzy tan look :P

NYX Mega Shine Beige & Natural: Very pigmented.
NYX round lipstick in Pumpkin Pie: The swatch above is quite heavy but if applied 1 coat its quite sheer and I actually quite like it :P 
NYX lip liner Natural: a tad darker than my natural lips (but I do have quite pigmented rosy lips)

 Overall, I'm super happy with all my purchases!! And sorry if my clothing haul is probably really boring since the clothes I bought were just like "grown up" attire and all that. (even though I don't work and is in school)

Cheers deb.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travel Guide: Buffalo Shopping!!!

Hey everyone! So it was my first time going to Buffalo for shopping which is a quite famous shopping spot to go to if you are Canadian. First off, the tax there is only 4%!!! (Compared to Ontario tax at 13% which is amazing). Yup, I think that justify going there. From the Scarborough area to Buffalo will take about 2.5hrs to 3hrs depending on traffic.
Any who, I went to two malls the Fashion Outlets which is located 5 minutes after you cross the boarder and the Walden Galleria which is located 15-20minutes from Fashion Outlets.
Side note; Definitely pick up some Tim Hortons while your in the States, they are much bigger LOL!

Fashion Outlets
If your looking for deals and actual bargains this is the place to go. Almost everything is at a discounted price!! Although keep in mind, not everything is up to trend (probably last season) but the things aren't outdated, old, ripped or anything and also they have trendy pieces too so don't fret. The food court is really crappy though (4 places to eat real meals? bleh).

Walden Galleria
This mall is basically your typically mall, think Fairview, Eatons, etc. No discounts really, mostly everything regular price unless the stores is doing their own promotion. Most stores are huge with a wide selection! But stores like JC Penney, Macy's, Forever 21 are even BIGGER! (And H&M coming soon). Personally I wasn't intrigued by any of the stores but Forever 21, so definitely check out the list of stores on their website to determine if it's worth the drive for you.

This travel guide is targeted towards Canadian shoppers but of course anyone can benefit :)!
What to bring: 
-American Cash (It would save time if you have it already, instead of making pit stops at the currency exchange stations which are located before you cross the broader)
-$1 for tolls if you are planning to go to Walden Galleria.

What NOT to bring:
-Expensive Jewelery (In case you get checked they may ask you to pay taxes)

What to expect at the US customs:
-Passport check
-What are you doing in the US?
-Where are you going?
-How long are you planning to stay?

What to expect at the Canadian customs:
-Passport check
-How long were you gone for?
-What did you do?
-How much did you spend?
-Did you bring back any alcohol or tobacco?