Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everything is coming to an end...

It's been a little over a year since I've purchase the Biore pore unclogging scrub and I just recently hit the last couple of uses of this product. In general I really enjoyed this product throughout this whole year during the summer time, I've used this twice a day and during the winter/fall/spring, once every night.


Price: $7-11 CND
Scent: Honeydew like.
Texture: gel/foam type with mini micro beads

Now onto non-beauty related things...
Recently I've been having a hard time managing my time and literally procrastinating way to much, it's really something that I've adapted to since highschool so I guess it's considered chronic procrastination. I guess I'll admit it here.. I NEED HELP . On a lighter note for people who reside in Canada, about the Canada Post strike.. how are we suspose to receive mail and bills?!?! I definately don't want to be charged any interest for not paying them on time so if you know please let me know. 
Lastly... QUACK.QUACK. wait do geese.. quack?

Cheers debxx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Light Lunch for One.

So.... lately I've been having these light lunches or sometimes brunch/linner. I think since it's the summer time I've been just completely lazy or nicely put it "under a time crunch" and rather spend time doing other things than cook than clean you know the whole process...

cheers deb

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey everyone, long time no blog. haha :( so earliar this week I've received my first luxe box by loose button if you guys don't already know what it is it's a monthly subscription for $10 which you will receive 3-5 deluxe samples similiar to Birchbox but Loose button ships to Canada :D
This box is adorable!! Going to reuse it for sure!

 The interior. They weren't individually packaged like birchbox which was quite disapppointing but nothing was damaged when I received which was good. (Full size laura mercier eyeshadow wooooot).

Product description: click to enlarge :) 
I never knew china glaze made nail art polishes. Weird.

Overall impression on the company: I'm loving it! Good thing I took advantage of the 3 month for $30 deal since their actually raising their prices to $12 :( Not sure if I would resubscribe after that we'll see how the other two months go. I'll definately let you guys know what I get.

Cheers, Deborah