Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Tips to Prolong your Manicure

I often enjoy doing my nails weekly but recently I've been swamped with finals! (Side note: my manicures usually consist of base coat, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat. Super time consuming!! Also this mani last at least a week without chipping) So if you are like me busy or simply don't enjoy painting your nails to often I've got some tips for you to make them last longer (Minimum 2 weeks)!

TIP 1: When the nail starts to chip, simply "trim" the tips of your nails and there you go chip free fresh mani :) also reapply your topcoat after you do so. 

Tired of the same color? 
TIP 2 (Best with solid polish colors): Again, file away chip nails or retouch on chipped areas (it doesn't have to be even) Then, on top simply apply your favorite glitter polish, shatter polish, or crackle polish! This definitely changes the appearance of the polish from what you had on last week!

Hope everyone is doing well :) 
Cheers Deborah.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


As you can tell by now I love doing my nails every week :P sometimes I forget to post, but I rest assure you they are a different color. This week I painted them For Audrey by China Glaze, very over-hyped color but its really pretty! On my ring finger, I was attempting on drawing a flower with the new nail art brush that I've purchased recently but it didn't go so well..  Anywho, if you have any nail polishes that you would recommend please leave them in the comments below!! I would love to try it out. 
(What I'm currently looking into are Essie nail polishes, I don't own any yet! D: )

Happy Easter :) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Necklace Dilemmas

Last Friday I went to my local mall to pick up a new pair of work pants and realized they had open a new Ardene store. I usually don’t care for shops like Ardene and Clarie’s, but it has been a while since I’ve rummaged through one. I ended up buying 3 necklaces, 2 for myself and one for my mom (3 for $10 deal). 
This necklace was suspose to be double chained but it already broke. So I took off the second chain :(. Now the single chain looks bare.

 I didn't realize this would be such an awkward length but I guess it's my fault. (Its not short or long like a pendant also it's a weird medium sized bird) Don't really know what to do with it now.

Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sasa Haul

About a week and half ago I made an online purchase on and it arrived in the mail today!! Everything came packaged nicely, with bubble wrap and tons of peanuts, the shipping was quite fast considering it was from overseas (my E.L.F. purchase took longer!!) Overall I'm very happy about the purchase nothing was missing or broken or expired (I read some reviews on sasa that they sold expired products. Which I think is false as of now).

(I didn't realize it was blurry until I was writing this post and got to lazy to retake it sorry!)

  • 2x SILK WHITIA QUICK MOISTURE Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask (5 piece)
  • 2x My Beauty Diary Alice All In One Mask Set (Blue) (17 piece) 
  • Crabtree & Evelyn HAND CREAM Hand Therapy Sampler Gift Set limited edition (3 piece)
  • SAMPLE: Arezia Flocking Puff (2 piece)
  • Arezia Nail Brush (1 piece) 
  • IsQueen Hydra-Shining Lip Treatment SPF10 
  • Sana URUOITASHI Moisture Mist (50 ml)  
  • SASATINNIE Aqua Boost Moisturizing Eye Mask (3 pair(s)) 
  • 2x KOKUBO Foot Pad Healer (GE) (2 piece)
  • KOKUBO Foot Pad Healer (with Heat) (2 piece) 
  • 2x O'slee SKIN AEROBICS F/G: Dark Circle Reducing Sleeping Mask (30 ml)
Side note: I have no idea why I like to purchase things twice >__< I'm just afraid I would love the product and it would somehow run out! I haven't tried out any of the products yet but if your interested in a review drop a message in the comments below.

Cheers Deborah.

Monday, April 11, 2011

NOTW: Purple Flowers

Yay, the weather today was absolutely SPRING like !!! To be absolutely matchy matchy this is China Glaze's Light as Air (2 coats) with konad stamping plate M71 :) Oh, I hope you don't mind my horrid cuticles :<.

Cheers, Deb

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Yay, an award! Thanks to the lovely Anabelle.   
Aside from all the make up and beauty lovin’ here is 7 additional Facts about me:

1. I am one dedicated online gamer. Current obsession:  League of Legends. Feel free to message me about it! (:
2. Can sleep till noon on days when I don’t need to do anything
3. Is currently undergoing a permanent eating habit change. (I could do a blog post about it if anyone is interested )
4. I love Japanese cuisine to be more specific sushi! I think if I were to pick one type of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be Japanese food.
5. Toronto maple leafs is my favorite sports team to watch, even though we lose most of the time. (I don’t play any sports though.)
6. Huge procrastinator. ( Definitely need help in this area)
7. Love watching youtube. (The obvious make up/ fashion related channels & shaytards)

Anyways I hope everyone had a good weekend and I know we all dread the upcoming monday. :P
Cheers deb.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eye love to conceal - REVIEWS

Hey everyone, it's been a busy week but I'm back on track ! This mass review will be on concealers! Personally, the one make up item that I must have on is probably something to cover my dark circles and I'm good to go. **Warning text & picture heavy**

Review from left -> right :)
 Product: e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter [light/glow] (5g/17oz)
Bought from:
Price: $3
Pros: Easy to apply, very liquidity, and it contains no scent what so ever.
Cons: The coverage on this concealer is rather sheer, if you try to build up the product it will definitely look cakey. This product settles in your fine lines in about 5minutes after application, and the lasting power is only for 3-4hrs.
Thoughts: Would NOT recommend it. For the highlighter on the other side, I don't really care for ( it just comes out clear with glitter).

Product: Smashbox High definition concealer [fair] (0.27fl.oz./8ml)
Bought from: Sephora
Price: $18
Pros: Medium coverage, lasts 7-8hrs
Cons: Smells bad, since the product is in a liquid form it leaks in the cap and around the tube hole which wastes a lot of product.
Thoughts: Not moisturizing enough for under the eyes, but as a spot concealer it’s okay.

Product: Garnier Skin Renew anti-dark circle roller [sheer tint] (15ml)
Bought from: Shoppers drug-mart
Price: $16.79
Pros: light weight, not drying under the eyes, 8hrs lasting power, and has a nice cooling effect.
Cons: Haven’t seen any reduction of the darkness under my eyes, sheer coverage
Thoughts: This product is very easy to use and blend in, I like using this product on a daily bases going to school and running errands. After the product has been placed under the eyes it dries to sort of a matte finish but not drying. As for repurchase, maybe only if I see results if not I want to try the original green tube :p.

Product: Conceal FX Camouflage concealer [light] (15ml/0.5fl oz)
Bought from: Shoppers drug-mart
Price: $27
Pros: Heavy coverage, long lasting 8hrs +
Cons: SMELLS REALLY BAD, like Chinese herbs or something really gross. It claims to be water proof but since I have watery eyes, when water touches the concealer it turns into a milky substance which is NOT GOOD. Quite thick, not light weight as it claims to be.
Thoughts: I would not repurchase this ever again.  
Product: e.l.f. tone correcting concealer [light beige]
Bought from:
Price: $1
Pros: Light- medium coverage, easy to apply, very creamy and moisturizing
Cons: Has an orange scent which is very weird, but you don’t smell it after 5minutes or so,
Thoughts: I have used this product for a good 10-11 months and used in total of 4 tubes. The only reason for that is because it’s very affordable and I don't find it drying under the eye area. 
Product: Olay regenerist eye touch of concealer eye regenerating cream (7ml)
Bought from: I don’t know my mom got it for me
Price: unknown
Pros: hydrating, easy to blend
Cons: not long lasting only 2-3hrs, I believe there is only 1 shade and it’s a bit dark but I do enjoy using it during the summer time, a bit sheer
Thoughts: It’s an alright 
Product: Maybelline Dream mousse concealer [Ivory Light 2-3,5] (3g)
Bought from: Shoppers drug-mart
Price: $6
Pros: Medium ~ Heavy coverage, applies smoothly, perfect for blemishes.
Cons: Not recommended for dry skin. its drying.
Thoughts: I like this product for the summer time since my under eyes isn’t super dry like in the winter. This product unfortunately is discontinued.

Last but not least just so you guys can get an idea how dark my under eye circles are and how these products work on me here is a picture of my eyes :D
Hopefully you ladies found this helpful!! Also please tell me your favorite concealer so I can check it out :D
Cheers Deb.