Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Tips to Prolong your Manicure

I often enjoy doing my nails weekly but recently I've been swamped with finals! (Side note: my manicures usually consist of base coat, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat. Super time consuming!! Also this mani last at least a week without chipping) So if you are like me busy or simply don't enjoy painting your nails to often I've got some tips for you to make them last longer (Minimum 2 weeks)!

TIP 1: When the nail starts to chip, simply "trim" the tips of your nails and there you go chip free fresh mani :) also reapply your topcoat after you do so. 

Tired of the same color? 
TIP 2 (Best with solid polish colors): Again, file away chip nails or retouch on chipped areas (it doesn't have to be even) Then, on top simply apply your favorite glitter polish, shatter polish, or crackle polish! This definitely changes the appearance of the polish from what you had on last week!

Hope everyone is doing well :) 
Cheers Deborah.

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