Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Splurge

Shopping is definitely one of my guilty pleasure, aside from eating delicious unhealthy food of course :). So, I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart one of my all time favorite stores and bought two things on my wish-list and a impulse purchase (Darn, sales lady).

Garnier Eye Roller (In sheer tint) $16.79
I’ve been wanting this product for so long but never got around purchasing it due to the price any who I finally OWN it :).

Vichy Normaderm Set $29.95
I’d thought I’ll give this trio a try since my Biore cleanser was running low and I’ve read many positive reviews it seems like a miracle worker. 

Cover FX Concealer  (In light) $27.00  
The beauty counter lady somehow talked me into purchasing this product.. but my initial reaction was love. Hopefully I won’t regret it later. 

I would like to say this shopping trip was quite a success, but it did hurt my wallet quite a bit. Since when it comes to shopping I’m always out on the look out for bargains. Have you guys tried any of these products? or know of any cheaper alternatives?  

Cheers Deb


  1. The Vichy Normaderm Set seems like a good deal! :)

  2. @Vintage Makeup
    Yeah, the full size cleanser retails around $25. :P!! It's a steal I'd say.

  3. wow, i never know garnier has an eye roller! o,o

  4. I always wondered about the Garnier eye roller if it was any good...Post a review later please! =)

  5. @fleurcoco
    Garnier had the green eyeroller for awhile recently released the shades in Sheer tint and Light :)

    Will do :D

  6. I have heard some good things bout the coverfx concealer. I would love to hear how it worked for you :)

  7. I wanna try the Garnier sheer tint one* Im using its green one which is really cooling and refreshing =)
    but being getting the tinted one, I have to use up all the eyecreams I own first =_="

  8. i own a garnier tinted eye roller and i really like it as a eye concealer. It does not depuff your eyes, but you do feel a cool feeling under your eye when you apply it.

    and I had bought the vichy on for my boyfriend a while ago and he said it is a really good creme, he has a acne prone skin and it works very well, till you stop using it.

    so i don't think you will regret on those 2 i think xD the 3 thing i don't know anything about it.

    just wanted to tell you how it worked for me , because i like them :)