Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whats your "All year round polish"

This is my all year round favorite polish, I believe it goes with just about anything! Sometimes I find wearing color polishes hard to wear since it may clash with what I'm wearing for the day which may be a bit of a pain adjusting your wardrobe for your nails (this may probably only apply to me since I'm quite picky haha). Do you have a polish that you like to rock at any given time of the year? Let me know so I can check it out. :)

The fine details: 

What is it? Revlon Nail Polish in 705 Gray Suede
How much? I got mine at a Revlon warehouse sale for $2, in stores retails for $4~7.
Description: This color at first glance is a cream shade but it does consist of very fine gold specs. Light Nude brown.
Application: The top coat that I'm wearing is Sally Hansen Mega Shine. It lasts for a week no chip forsure (since I change my nailpolish weekly). In the picture above I have applied 2 coats of Gray Suede and 1 coat of top coat.

Cheers Deb


  1. Thats such a pretty colour, i want to go get it now :L

  2. hi thanks you for comment on my blog, following and wishing me happy birthday!

    that is really sweet of you :)

    i like your blog, i see don't have a lot yet, but keep it comming!
    i will definitely follow

    xoxx ^_~

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. :D
    Actually, I should've clarified that at the $5 store, it's either $5 or less. (I got it for less! $1! haha!)
    That color looks really pretty too! Versatile colors definitely make it easier to match your wardrobe. ^_^ My nails usually start to chip around 2 days after...maybe I should invest in a top coat too. ;;

  4. Ooh love the shade! You have nice hands sweetie!

    Aww thanks for your comment! Im glad that my eye tutes are of help to u!
    Let me know if you would like to request a certain eye look and i'll put it on my blog posts to do list!

  5. That really is a year round color! I love it SO much!! I need to pick that up ASAP!! So pretty!

  6. That color is beautiful and i love the brushes on Revlon's nail polishes

  7. this nudy color is really glossy and pretty =)
    Really think revlon nail polishes should gain more hype. most of them are really long lasting n nice in color