Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travel Guide: Buffalo Shopping!!!

Hey everyone! So it was my first time going to Buffalo for shopping which is a quite famous shopping spot to go to if you are Canadian. First off, the tax there is only 4%!!! (Compared to Ontario tax at 13% which is amazing). Yup, I think that justify going there. From the Scarborough area to Buffalo will take about 2.5hrs to 3hrs depending on traffic.
Any who, I went to two malls the Fashion Outlets which is located 5 minutes after you cross the boarder and the Walden Galleria which is located 15-20minutes from Fashion Outlets.
Side note; Definitely pick up some Tim Hortons while your in the States, they are much bigger LOL!

Fashion Outlets
If your looking for deals and actual bargains this is the place to go. Almost everything is at a discounted price!! Although keep in mind, not everything is up to trend (probably last season) but the things aren't outdated, old, ripped or anything and also they have trendy pieces too so don't fret. The food court is really crappy though (4 places to eat real meals? bleh).

Walden Galleria
This mall is basically your typically mall, think Fairview, Eatons, etc. No discounts really, mostly everything regular price unless the stores is doing their own promotion. Most stores are huge with a wide selection! But stores like JC Penney, Macy's, Forever 21 are even BIGGER! (And H&M coming soon). Personally I wasn't intrigued by any of the stores but Forever 21, so definitely check out the list of stores on their website to determine if it's worth the drive for you.

This travel guide is targeted towards Canadian shoppers but of course anyone can benefit :)!
What to bring: 
-American Cash (It would save time if you have it already, instead of making pit stops at the currency exchange stations which are located before you cross the broader)
-$1 for tolls if you are planning to go to Walden Galleria.

What NOT to bring:
-Expensive Jewelery (In case you get checked they may ask you to pay taxes)

What to expect at the US customs:
-Passport check
-What are you doing in the US?
-Where are you going?
-How long are you planning to stay?

What to expect at the Canadian customs:
-Passport check
-How long were you gone for?
-What did you do?
-How much did you spend?
-Did you bring back any alcohol or tobacco?


  1. Oh wow! Sounds lovely, really helpful post. :)

  2. Ohhh lucky I wanna hopefully cross the border this summer!~ hope you post a haul! ^^

  3. @Vintage Thanks so much for always supporting my posts it means a lot!

    @Joan You should for sure go if you have the chance :) Will post a haul soon !

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