Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey everyone, long time no blog. haha :( so earliar this week I've received my first luxe box by loose button if you guys don't already know what it is it's a monthly subscription for $10 which you will receive 3-5 deluxe samples similiar to Birchbox but Loose button ships to Canada :D
This box is adorable!! Going to reuse it for sure!

 The interior. They weren't individually packaged like birchbox which was quite disapppointing but nothing was damaged when I received which was good. (Full size laura mercier eyeshadow wooooot).

Product description: click to enlarge :) 
I never knew china glaze made nail art polishes. Weird.

Overall impression on the company: I'm loving it! Good thing I took advantage of the 3 month for $30 deal since their actually raising their prices to $12 :( Not sure if I would resubscribe after that we'll see how the other two months go. I'll definately let you guys know what I get.

Cheers, Deborah


  1. i saw alot of post on my blog feed of this month's luxe box, i want to get it too, but i have enough make up as it is, so im still thinking if i should~~~and I know right Nakwon is soooo good~~~~so super yummy~~~


  2. Oooh I love these type of posts! I've been wanting to subscribe to something like this :)

    Glad your back!!

  3. I am waiting for mine. Getting it for the first time, paid the $12 but I hope it's worth it. I am super excited! Glad to see a Canadian blogger. Following :)


  4. Have you ever tried Birch box? Im always tempted to try them!