Sunday, May 22, 2011

You get what you've paid for.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing for an inexpensive trendy bag that I could carry around for the summer time. So I stumbled upon this website called:, they sell things like clothes, bags, accessories and other miscellaneous. Their prices are fantastic, most items were around $5. To me thats a bit sketchy.. so I read some reviews and they were usually 50/50. Regardless of what people had said I placed an order, and was really disappointed. 
1. You are not receiving what is being advertised. For example: (LEFT: what was being advertised, RIGHT: what I received) 

2. Very very low quality. (Buttons are falling off, things are ripped.)
3. Shipping would either take to long (3months minimum) or very expensive (at least $40. I've paid $80 for my package)
4. Slow update on website. (After placing the order I received emails notifying me that some items are out of stock and I would be receiving a credit on their website, which then really upset me because I didn't want to pay more shipping so I had to ask customer service to refund my money WASTE OF TIME & definitely a language barrier) 
5. Their one size fit all clothing can range from XXS to XXL. 
Despite all my rage towards this website there is ONE item that I really like which was a belt. But it can't justify spending so much money and time. 
If any of my readers have any online websites they really love please recommend them to me, I love online shopping & haven't given up all hopes yet.
Cheers, Deborah 


  1. Wow, that is terrible I'm so sorry to hear that!

  2. What a horrible experience! Online shopping is such a disappointment sometimes. =(
    Have you tried looking through They offer pretty decent prices and their shipping cost is inexpensive - $6 I think.